Comprehensive Debt Collection Services

Serving from his Costa Mesa office, Stuart Katz provides an array of collection law services across California:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Promissory notes and unpaid loans
  • Judgment lien foreclosures
  • Enforcement of judgments, including sister state & foreign judgments
  • Breach of contract actions 
  • Debts arising from delivered goods or professional services
  • Rent-related dues for commercial and industrial properties

Passion, Persistence, and Proven Outcomes

Experience the difference a passionate collections attorney brings to the table. With a legacy built on successful cases and satisfied clients, Stuart Katz is the name you trust to recover your past-due accounts.

Ready to change the narrative? Let’s ensure those owing you money realize that excuses don’t pay bills — actions do. To initiate the change, call The Law Offices of Stuart A. Katz, P.C. at 949-660-1916 for a consultation. Your search for a competent collections attorney near me ends as soon as you make that call.

Your Premier Collections Attorney in Orange County, California: Reclaim What’s Rightfully Yours

Tired of the excuses? “I forgot,” “Next week,” or “That wasn’t part of the deal.” 

When patience wears thin and you’re owed money, The Law Offices of Stuart A. Katz, P.C. is the law firm you turn to stop the excuses and get your money. As your trusted collections attorney near me, Stuart Katz stands at the forefront, ensuring that your rightful dues aren’t just words but figures in your account.

The Collection Process: Detailed and Thorough

  1. Receipt & Review: Every case starts with an in-depth review of your files.
  2. Investigation: Our adept team of paralegals conducts a detailed in-house investigation. This helps in promptly identifying parties for the collection lawsuit and setting the litigation ball rolling.
  3. Lawsuit: After filing the lawsuit, Attorney Katz moves the case forward seeking either a prompt resolution or pushing the case to trial as quickly as possible.
  4. Judgment & Enforcement: Post judgment, our focus shifts to enforcement. This involves filing liens, initiating wage garnishments, executing bank levies, and, if needed, conducting debtor examinations and serving subpoenas for financial records to get a comprehensive view of the debtor’s finances and ability to pay the judgment.
  5. Ensuring Compliance: If a judgment debtor fails to comply with the order for examination,  we will seek the issuance of abench warrant to pressure the debtor into compliance with the judgment enforcement procedure.

Rely on The Expertise of Stuart A. Katz

Decades of Dedicated Service as a Collections Attorney

For over 30 years, Attorney Katz has been the go-to collection lawyer for diverse clientele – banks, lenders, marketing agencies, staffing companies, consulting firms, contractors, material suppliers,  and more. Your debts are his pursuit. It’s not just about tracking down the debtor but the pursuit of recovering each and every debt owed to his clients. Contact us today for a free consultation.